Libeine Gel 15 ml- Dark Black Purple


1. High technology.High quality.
2. Last more than a month.
3. Heath and environmentally friendly.non-poisonous,no pungent chemical materials used.
4. Very Easy to operate.
Application Instruction:
Step 1: Washing hands with liquid soap and water.
Step 2: Using cleaner to wipe the nail and removing cuticle from nail plate with a cuticle pusher.
Step 3: Brushing base Gel (to protect the color stain the nail), then curing with 36w UV lamp for120 seconds or LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Step 4: Brushing soak off gel polish, curing with 36w UV lamp for 120 seconds.
Step 5: Brushing soak off gel polish again, curing with 36w UV lamp for 120 seconds.
Step 6: Brushing top coat, curing with 36w UV lamp for 120 seconds.
Step 7: Wiping the nail with gel cleaner to make it shining.
To Remove:
1. Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes,
2. Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.
Package For One Piece:
Net Weight: 15ml / 0.5 fl oz
Product Weight: 60g
About color difference, we try our best to show you the most real color of our gel. 
The color you see on our swatch is the real effect on the nature color of false nails, so the color may look slightly different from the gel texture. 
Besides, different computer screen may show different color. 
Once you apply the color on your nails you will find the real color effect is amazing.
It is normal that you will find the gel polish in winter comes more stickier than the one in summer.
Pls. do not worry about the quality but try to warm the bottle by rub the bottle with your hands to improve the final effect.
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