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Unveiling Brilliance: The Born Pretty 15ml Super Top Coat

Born pretty Super Top Coat

Welcome to the world of stunning and enduring nail art with the Born Pretty 15ml Super Top Coat. This game-changer in the realm of nail gel polish is not just about beauty;

it’s about a healthy, eco-friendly, and user-friendly experience. Let’s dive into the features that make it a must-have for both professionals and home nail art enthusiasts.


1. Health and Eco-Friendly:

– Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, this top coat stands out for its health-conscious formulation. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and pungent odors.

2. Quick-Drying Magic:

– Time is of the essence, and this top coat understands that. Achieve quick drying with any UV light, saving you precious minutes while ensuring a flawless finish.

3. Long-Lasting Brilliance:

– Revel in the beauty of your nails for an extended period. The Born Pretty Super Top Coat ensures a fantastic and super bright nail look that lasts for up to 45 days.

4. Easy Application and Removal:

– Designed for both professional and home use, this top coat is easy to apply and equally simple to soak off. Enjoy hassle-free nail art experiences with every use.

5. Professional Nail Art Gift:

– Elevate your nail art game, be it for yourself or your girlfriends. This top coat is a thoughtful gift, adding a professional touch to your nail art endeavors.

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Professional Usage:

Follow these steps for a salon-worthy manicure at home:

1. Clean and trim your nails as part of your normal manicure routine.

2. Shake the gel polish thoroughly for balanced color distribution.

3. Apply the base coat to enhance polish longevity and cure it with a UV or LED lamp.

4. Apply layers of color gel, curing each layer with the appropriate lamp.

5. Finish with the Born Pretty Super Top Coat and cure for the final touch.

Gentle Removal Steps:

– Soak nails in acetone for 5 to 10 minutes.

– The gel will soften, allowing for easy filing or gentle removal with a wooden stick.

Warm Reminder:

– Keep out of reach of children.

– Avoid contact with sensitive areas and allergic skin.

– Store in a cool place, away from sunlight or intense LED/UV light exposure.

– Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

Unleash your creativity and enhance your nail art journey with the Born Pretty 15ml Super Top Coat. Experience brilliance that lasts and

style that speaks volumes. 🌸💅

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